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“Dragon Girl”

Chapter  1

CRASH…  Yawn.  “Good morning.  How did I get here?  Wait, I remember now,” Dragon Girl said.

“She was not half dragon, half person, like we are.  She was born fully human,” said Dad to his pet dragon, Fire.  “I mixed her DNA with a dragon’s DNA to make her like us. I didn’t want to be made into a laughing-stock.”

Dragon Girl thought, “I ran away.  I must have crashed here after that lightening hit my back.”

She looked to her right and saw tents with Bison flags on them.  She knew that she was in a Bison camp.  “Bison are my sworn enemy.  I can’t be here.”  She turned to her left and tried to leave the Bison camp.  But she got caught in a net they had planted while she was sleeping.  She heard bells start ringing.  Then Bisons flew out of their tents.  They knew that they had caught her.

Chapter 2

The Bisons cut the net, tied her up, and brought her to Chief Bungalow’s tent.  But before they got to the Chief’s tent, the Bison noticed that Dragon Girl’s dad, Paul, was hidden under her right wing.  They were threatened by him because he is the ruler of the dragons.

They told Dragon Girl, “You’re off the hook.  We’ll take the ruler instead.”  She said, “No.  He wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t taken him away from the dragon realm.  Please take me instead.”  She smirked.  The Bisons said, “Fine.  He’s off the hook.  But we need at least one of you.”

Then, right at the tip of the tent, she grabbed her dad and flew away!

Chapter 3

She flew away to a den and put her dad there and said good-bye.  Then she searched for food in a forest by the camp.  She heard them sending their best bison to destroy her town.  So she knew that she had to save her town.  “There are three challenges until I get to my town.  First a bear, then a sand storm, then the mystical and magical booby-trapped Dragon maze.”

I walked towards my town when I found the bear.  It was a short fight.  “I just put fire in it’s mouth and got bit.  It hurt, but I was okay.  I killed it.”

Chapter 4

Now she was on to challenge number two.  She was halfway there when the storm hit.  It was hard, but soon she found a small burrow to hide in until the storm passed.  But she found a dragon egg from her realm!  Also, the worst was happening.  It was hatching!

Aww, it is so cute.  I don’t want to…but I guess I should take care of it.  Thankfully there is enough food for us.

I grabbed the baby dragon and food and went on to the next course.

Chapter 5

Now she was on to challenge three.  She was at the start of the maze.  Then she remembered that baby dragons have directions to go through the maze on foot.  Left, right, straight, left, trap, dodge, straight.  Straight, left, right, right, straight, right.  Straight, straight, straight, left, left, left, right, right, right, trap, dodge, trap, dodge, trap, dodge.  Finally, we were at the final fight.

Chapter 6

Dragon Girl said, “We meet again, Bison boy.  Let’s fight!”

Air-whip.  Woah!!  Fire shooter.  Ahh!!  Air-slap.  Crash!  Dragon Girl did a fire sword and pointed it at Bison Boy.  She scared him off and saved her town.

Dragon Girl lived her life as the town’s hero.

The End


Sammy Hammy’s Writer Bio

My name is Sammy Hammy.

My favorite color is bold Gold.

My favorite food is McDonald’s McDoubles (no cheese).

My favorite card games are Go Fish and King’s Corners.

My favorite board games are Ticket to Ride and Candy Land (because I get to go first).

My home is the Dragon Realm.

My favorite video game is Mario Run.

You may find me playing outside or watering my broccoli, tomato, sweet potato, and cucumber plants, as well as my sunflowers.