This story is by Evan Jones, who was part of Write Summer camp for young writers. You can find all the stories by Write Summer writers here. If you’re a young write age 7 to 14 and would like to participate in Write Summer camp, you can find out all the details here.

Scott was walking on the streets of San Francisco on a winter day in 2055 when a bird flew in his face. “Ow!” Scott said as he threw the bird on the ground. He did not like animals. The futuristic city of San Francisco was home to Scott. He was an engineer. There were a lot of poor people living in San Francisco. Scott was going in an alley where some of the poor people lived. He gave them food every weekend. Scott was walking in an alley when an old man yelled at him. “Hey!”  the old man said. Scott knew him. He was Norman Tiger who was a scientist. The man’s eyes changed to bright grey and then the man turned to Scott and shouted, “Help Me!” He then touched Scott.  The man transferred “the steel” into Scott. The man then said “I’m saved. You now have my powers of steel!” Norman laughed and suddenly a dozen tigers appeared. Norman, or “Dr. Tiger”, was somehow controlling them.  Scott ran from the growling tigers to his friend Jackson’s house.

“Jackson!” Scott yelled. Scott walked over to his friend.  Scott knew that Jackson always wanted superpowers and without thinking, Scott touched Jackson. Jackson turned to Scott. Jackson was slowly turning into steel and now looked like a statue, no longer able to move. Secretly, Jackson’s family was watching. Scott heard Jackson’s father say “A steel man just killed my son! Please send help!” Scott was now completely steel. He was not able to move as fast, but he knew he was indestructible. Scott ran out of the house and went to an even darker alley. He saw a kid getting mugged by a criminal. “Hey!” Scott yelled.  The criminal looked back at Scott and said “What are you?  Steel?” Scott, or “Steel” was angry! He lifted a steel sledgehammer with his mind and threw it at the criminal. The criminal got away, but he saved the kid.

Steel saw a group of police who started shooting at them when they saw him. They were shooting steel bullets at him. For some reason, Steel was able to control the bullets with his mind.  Steel was able to move the bullets back towards the police without thinking. Most of the police died, but some were able to run away. Steel never meant to kill anybody. He realized that he didn’t have complete control of his powers.  Steel realized what Dr. Tiger did to him. He was able to control anything made of steel with his mind. He also could turn people to steel by touching them.   He knew if Dr. Tiger, who could summon and control tigers, got his steel powers back, he would be unstoppable. Steel overheard that Dr. Tiger was hanging out at one of the tallest skyscrapers. Steel wanted revenge.

Steel entered the top section of the skyscraper. He jumped up at Dr. Tiger and yelled “Ack!” Dr. Tiger said, “Get off!” Steel saw his tigers coming. “Ahh!” Steel screeched. The tigers were attacking him while Dr. Tiger laughed. A couple of hours later there were no more tigers.  Steel had turned some of his tigers into steel and other were beaten and thrown off the edge of the skyscraper. “No!” Dr. Tiger said. He got a ray gun and blasted Steel. He yelled “I can’t let you have it!” Steel grabbed Dr. Tiger and they both fell to their death off the skyscraper. Dr. Tiger was stopped. Some people knew what Steel had done for the city, but others did not.  Steel was not honored but he had saved the city of San Francisco.